Golf Season Arrived, Practice Regiment

Golf Season has arrived!

Now that the golf season has finally arrived, it is time to get out and begin your practice regiment.

Develop Short Game Skills

The way I like to start the season is to develop my short game skills. This would be any shot from 100 yards and in.

Putting Drills

Let’s begin with putting. There are several putting drills that you may have used during your practice sessions. The ones I use most are the 6 ball challenge and the low hand only drill. The 6 ball challenge is very helpful with putts inside 10 feet. The drill begins with the golfer encircling the hole with 6 golf balls. This will give you every break possible around the hole. Start at 3 feet from the practice hole. The challenge is, you must make all 6 in a row or you will have to start over. From 3 feet go to 5 feet and repeat. From there go to 8 feet, and finally 10 feet. This drill is designed to make you focus on each putt. Those of you that are able to make it to 10 feet are going to be excellent putters.

Putting Tempo

The low hand only drill is designed to make you work on your tempo. By using your low hand only, the right hand for righties, and the left hand for lefties, you will begin to see just how important it is to keep the same pace back and through the putting stroke. Keeping tempo and pace will help you keep the putter on the line going back and through the putting stroke. Keeping the putter on-line will make you a more consistent putter. This drill will also give you a better feel for distance, and more consistent distance means more putts going in the hole.

Good luck and good practice with both of these drills. Next week we will get into the strokes made off the green inside the 100-yard range.

Good Golfing!