Hybrid vs. Long Iron Club

When purchasing a new set of clubs, most avid golfers pose the question, “Should I carry a 3,4-iron or a hybrid?” A hybrid is a club often referred to as a utility club meant to replace a player’s lower irons – either a 3, 4 or sometimes 5 Iron. The hybrid is a club that is make up of long iron and fairway wood. If you currently do not own one of these and are still struggling with a 3 or 4-iron, I will try and persuade you into  considering adding one to your arsenal.

Club Head Design

golf clubs, oxford, oakland countyHybrids are constructed with a large amount of perimeter weighting because the club head is much larger and hollow in design than the latest game improvement cavity back iron. Therefore, it should provide the player with more consistency when striking the club face off-center (heel or toe). Also, the majority of hybrid designers have incorporated a “roll and bulge” feature on the club face. This refers to the slight roundness of the face from heel to toe. The purpose of this is that if a player were to hit the ball off the heel, the ball will produce spin back to the right for right-handed golfers. If a player were to hit it the ball off the toe, the ball will produce spin to the left, This helps counteract a players’ misses, again creating more consistency.

Shaft and Length

The traditional iron set make-up is constructed with steel shafts while the majority of hybrids are constructed with graphite shafts. Graphite is typically lighter than steel and allows the player the ability to swing the club faster and produce more club-head speeder.  The faster the club head speed, the greater spin rate on the golf ball and the further it carries. This means that the club flexes further down the shaft and promotes a higher lift, or launch, to the golf ball. The length of the shaft is also longer than the traditional iron shaft which helps promote a higher lift or launch of the golf ball.

If you’re a player still struggling  with hitting your long irons consistently, consider eliminating that miss all together and put a hybrid in the bag, It not only could improve your game but improve your score as well.