Small Steps to Big Changes

Small Steps Create Big Changes:

The Hill Course, #1

The past few weeks we have been talking about the short game and how it can help improve your stroke average. Small steps that create big changes. Improving your short game will give you the confidence to take on other challenges in your golf game.

The longer game becomes a bit easier

When you have the confidence in your short game that allows you to get the ball up and down more frequently, the longer game becomes a bit easier. Those long irons into the green will not seem so intimidating knowing that if you miss it slightly you have the tools to get the ball up and down. That will transfer into the driving game. The more confidence you gain in each area, the easier the more difficult areas of your game become and you will gain the confidence you need to be successful in those areas of your game as well. Small steps!

Playing the hole from the green back to the tee

This is course management. Playing the hole from the green back to the tee. Keeping in mind that playing to your strengths until your weaknesses begin to improve will make you a better player. Small steps create big changes.

Learn to manage your strengths, and your weaknesses and these small steps will make big changes in your game.  

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