The Short Game Golf Tips

The Short Irons:

As we pick-up from where we left off a few weeks ago talking about the short game, let’s talk a bit about the short irons. The 7 – PW. These are your scoring irons. They can save you several shots per round, or set you up for the lower scores you are looking for, if you gain the confidence in them that you should. Practice – practice – practice!

Start at the Range:

The place to start is the range. Get to know your distances of each club in all conditions, wind, rain, hot weather and cold. Once you know yourself and how each condition affects each club you are halfway there. Learn how to hit each club high and low, with a draw, or a fade. Learn your distances when you choke down on the club and when you stretch it out to its’ fullest. Play games on the range. Use the target greens to develop your distances and direction. Here are a few basic tips on elevation and directional control.

Elevation Tips:

To hit the ball higher, play the ball further forward in your stance and take your normal swing. It is just the opposite to hit it lower. To hit it lower, play the ball further back in your stance and take your normal swing. Play around with the location in your stance until you feel comfortable and are consistent with your trajectory. Always remember to let the club do the work. Don’t try to change your swing to keep it lower, or try to help it get higher. The position in your stance, and the club will do the work for you.


Directional Control:

This is another area to play around with on the range. When you find you need to hit a left to right shot, or a right to left shot, simply line yourself up to where you want the shot to start out, then open or close the club face to where you want the shot to end up. Just as with the elevation shot, when you are hitting a directional shot, let the club and your set-up do the work.

Now get out to the range and see how it works!

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